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Announcements at Farmer2Farmer arm farmers with more money-saving tools in a tough market

December 13, 2016

Farmers Business Network Announces Major New Products and Services

Announcements at Farmer2Farmer arm farmers with more money-saving tools in a tough market.

Omaha, Nebraska - December 13, 2016 - Farmers Business Network (FBNSM), the groundbreaking independent farmer-to-farmer network, today announced the launch of major new technologies and services that expand the network’s agronomic intelligence. FBN also launched its FBN Direct platform and introduced its first products for grain marketing. 

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FBN in the News: Fall 2016

October 25, 2016
Dan Zook

Corn and soybean farmers are are busy closing out their 2016 growing seasons, with many combines already back in the shop. Now, for many their focus shifts to seed selection planning for 2017. 

Here are a few of the recent articles published about the FBN Network and the benefits farmers can gain as members of the network. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (844) 200-FARM or

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radio, FBN Nebraska

Bart Beattie - Sumner, Nebraska

September 28, 2016
Dan Zook

Thank you to FBNSM Member Bart Beattie for jumping on Rural Radio Network to talk about his experience as a network member.

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FBN Employee

FBN Welcomes New CFO, VP of Business Development, and Head of Supply Chain

September 19, 2016
This week, we are excited to welcome several new team members, including Maria Olide as CFO, to Farmers Business NetworkSM. Maria, Elizabeth Fastiggi as VP of Business Development, Patrick Snyder as Head of Supply Chain, James Yen, Controller, and others bring years of world-class experience in finance, business development and supply chain leadership, along with deep passions for agriculture, to the FBN team.
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Helping Farmers Make Money Using Information -- Our Next Chapter

August 9, 2016

Expanding Procurement and Other Services to Increase Farm Profits in a Tough Market

Creating a future where the farmer will profit

SAN CARLOS, Calif., August 9th, 2016 – Farmer’s Business Network, Inc., the independent farmer-to-farmer network, has raised $20 million in additional funding, led by Acre Venture Partners. This financing enables the FBNSM network to further expand its groundbreaking farmer network, market leading farm analytics and rapidly growing FBN Procurement Services. 

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FBN in the News: Summer 2016

July 28, 2016
Dan Zook

It's been a very busy year here at Farmers Business Network. With the help of farmers across the United States we have built powerful new analytic tools and have compiled a massive agriculture data set which now covers seeds, soils, applications, input prices, and much more!

Here are a few of the recent articles published about the FBN Network. If we can ever answer any of your questions please do not hesitate to contact us at (844) 200-FARM or

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Network Builder

Become an FBN Network Builder for 5 Years!

March 18, 2016
Dan Zook

Become An FBN Network Builder

Join FBN by April 15th, 2016 and lock-in your $500/year membership rate for 5 years!*

FBN is a farmer-to-farmer network, built for and by farmers, to empower farmers with independent and unbiased information and put Farmers First!

Every week the network becomes smarter and stronger -- with over 200,000 acres of new farms joining the FBN network per week!  FBN Seed Finder now has unbiased performance data on over 1,400 seed hybrids and varieties, including nitrogen efficiency insights.

Don't lose this opportunity to lock-in your $500/year subscription rate through 2021!*

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FBN Employee, Veterans

Salute to Veterans at FBN

February 23, 2016
Dan Zook

Farmers Business Network would like to say a special thank you to every veteran who has sacrificed for their country. We're lucky to have 3 veterans on our growing team who now serve our country's farmers everyday with inspiring fervor. Check out their stories below..

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Announcing FBN Finance

February 2, 2016
Dan Zook


FBN Finance provides FBN members with competitive rates on farmland and farm operating loans.  
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Jobs, FBN Careers

Why Work at Farmers Business Network?

January 6, 2016
Dan Zook

FBN is tackling one of the most important challenges facing our society today; how will the world feed itself? The human population is growing rapidly, but the amount of farmable land is decreasing due to human development and environmental degradation. FBN is using information technology to ensure that humans can sustainably grow more food in the face of increasingly scarce resources and a growing population.

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