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Sarah Mock

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FBN Seed Finder, Seed Selection

Selecting Seeds When Every Acre Counts

January 17, 2017

Ringger Farms, headed by Jamin Ringger, is a 1,100 acre corn, soybean, and hog operation in central Illinois.

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What Picking Rocks Taught a Young Farmer About Entrepreneurship

November 29, 2016

Adam Bjerkevdt learned his most important lesson about life and farming while picking rocks.

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What do America's Best Farmers do in December?

November 28, 2016

Farmers Business Network is made up of America's best farmers, and the best farmers in FBN, go to Farmer2Farmer: American Entrepreneurs!  We are excited to welcome our members to Omaha for a conference that has been described as "where the future of agriculture finds it's voice."

Great farmers are constant learners, innovators, and experts in their craft.  The best farmers learn from other great farmers and shared insights about cutting edge technologies and business practices.  Being an analytics company, we dove into our data set to quantify exactly how much better the farmers who came to Farmer2Farmer last year did in 2015 (2016 yield updates rolling in daily). 

Will attending Farmer2Farmer ensure top yields in 2017? Of course not, but it will put you in the company of some of the best farmers in America so you can maximize your chances of a stellar season. 


Get Your Ticket to Farmer2Farmer: American Entrepreneurs



So just how did Farmer2Farmer 2015 attendees do last year?

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Ben Pederson is Betting on Technology on the Farm

November 18, 2016

Iowa farmer Ben Pederson turned a misstep into a business opportunity, and ignited a passion for bringing his farm and the whole industry into the digital age.

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Jamie Walter Brings Distilling Back to the Farm

November 11, 2016

 60 miles outside of Chicago, farmer Jamie Walter is turning commodity corn into award-winning libations using a little technology and a whole lot of good ol’ farmer know-how.

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Seed Selection

Seed Price Transparency Report

October 31, 2016

Farmers across the US pay radically different prices for the exact same seeds. What impacts do "zone pricing" and discounting have on the prices you pay for seed?  

We analyzed over 2,200 unique seed pricing data points to help you better understand the reality of seed costs that farmers face. We found that certain hybrids could vary as much as 111% in price and even over 60% within states. We're working to give you the best Price-to-Yield Performance information possible so you can make the right decisions. Stay tuned for upcoming Seed Price Transparency products from FBN and expanded research! 

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Seed Selection

The Most Important Factors When Selecting Seeds

October 25, 2016

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting seeds. We surveyed hundreds of farmers, and found that 30% of farmers think price or return on investment are the most important factors when deciding which seeds to buy and plant. The single top consideration was yield, and disease resistance, stalk quality, genetic traits, and availability were other important factors. 

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Network Trends

What Does Your Truck Say About Your Farm?

September 23, 2016

Last week was one of those rare weeks where ag industry news wasn't just ag industry news. After months of dancing around the deal, the Monsanto Company accepted Bayer AG's takeover offer. If approved, the merger would leave one less player in an already highly consolidated seed and chemical industry and create a global behemoth. Farmers have already seen input costs rise outrageously over the past decade and less competition means farmers are almost certainly going to feel the pinch. 

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Jobs, Join FBN

The FBN Intern Experience: An Inside Look

September 22, 2016

 Ever wonder what it would be like to intern at FBNSM? We asked our most recent class of interns who they found the experience. Here's what they said.

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Seed, early discount

Do Early Discounts Pay?

August 30, 2016

You’ve probably already gotten calls about early discounts this year. Some of these offers are direct (“10% off if you order by August 31st”) while the value of others are less clear (discounted financing rather than a discount on the seed itself). Having a strategy for evaluating these offers will give you confidence in only accepting an offer that makes sense for your operation.

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